How To Find The Perfect Mattress For Wooden Chairs

There are many kinds of sofa today, but many people still prefer the traditional beauty of wooden furniture. Wooden sofa is made from the most rustic material, but it still score points thanks to its simple yet modern design. Therefore, giving it a total makeover with some flushy cushions will definitely give your living room an impressive look.

So, after choosing an appealing wooden sofa set, the next thing you will need to do is to get the appropriate mattress in order to create a sense of comfort for yourself. Currently, there are many types of  chair cushions on the market for you to choose.

Keep reading and I will show how to take home the best living room sofa mattress.

Choose Material for Wooden Sofa Mattress

Appropriate materials will make your chair more comfortable

Nowadays, wooden sofa mattresses can be made from a mixed variety of materials. Still, most of them  will be made from cotton to sponge. Meanwhile, the cushion covers are much more diverse with many different materials.

Therefore, the materials selected must be of high quality. Young rubber or foam pads are most commonly used today. The cushions made of these materials have the ability to maintain their own shape, and deformation will not occur even when you have sat on them for a long time. Moreover, this material also has a considerable  thickness so it is suitable to use for sofas.

Furthermore, a high elastic mattress will minimize bone diseases for users. You can check it by applying weights at an angle or the edge of the cushion. If the mattress is not deformed, you should choose that one.

Size Selection for Wooden Sofa Mattresses

Fitted mattress will enhance the beauty of the chair

Many people often choose wooden sofa cushions only based on the exterior design or material of the product. But size is also a factor that is worth considering. A mattress that is too small or too big compared to the chair will result in the loss of aesthetics as well as leading to unwanted movements during use.

Homeowners have 2 options to ensure the mattress size fits the seat:

  • Measure the size of your chair at home, then look for the type of sofa cushion that fits your size.
  • Measure the size of wooden chairs and then order seat cushions according to the desired size, style and color.

Option 1 is quick, but it is difficult to find the exact size of your existing wooden chair. Meanwhile, option 2 can meet the size requirements exactly but the owner will have to contact to order directly.

Choose Wooden Sofa Mattresses According to The Design

Choosing the overall style for your mattress

Currently on the market, there are many different models of wooden sofa cushions for customers to choose. Of course, customers can buy whatever they like but choosing the cushions in keeping with  your wooden sofa will definitely jazz up your lovely living-room.

The patterns of the mattress should be simple and modern. When combining this with the classic beauty of wooden sofa, you will be able to create an aesthetic contrast. This contrast brings a whole new style that highlights both the sofa and the mattresses.

Choose The Wooden Sofa Mattresses Color

Choose soft colors to match the colors around the room.

The color of the mattress should be in harmony with the whole room in order to create unity. The colors should not be too flashy as this will easily make your wooden chair look too dazzling and become a thorn in your eyes. The best color for wooden chair cushions should be pastel, floral motifs, stylized patterns lighter colors.

Thus, wooden chair cushions will enhance the beauty of the other items in the room instead of overwhelming them.


In conclusion, with these simple and easy tips to choose the right mattress, I think that your concern will surely be set aside.